Stop Procrastinating & Kickstart Your Freelancing Career


Stop Procrastinating & Kickstart Your Freelancing Career


OK, you don’t have to pretend. At least not here. I’ve been working for myself for over 8 years now & as much as I love inspiring others, I see the sad pattern in my community. I feel passion, I see ideas flowing, but when it comes to actual work… Well, only a few are actually going to roll up the sleeves and get things done. Procrastination is your greatest enemy & you won’t get anywhere if you’re not willing to change things around.

Do you want to finally kickstart your freelancing career? Do you want to work from home? Build your own business? Earn a living doing what you want? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need to work for it. There’s no other way around, but I have an action plan for you, let’s do this.

#1 Get Rid Of Distractions

This one is pretty simple: understand what distractions you’re mostly able to slip on, then avoid them at all costs.

If you catch yourself scrolling through Facebook on your phone during the day, the solution is simple – delete the app. Get rid of any apps that lead you to pointless scrolling.

You can also use various Chrome add-ons to block certain webpages during the day.

A friend of mine recommended News Feed Eradicator For Facebook that changes my Facebook feed to a quote. A simple plugin like this actually cured me from getting lost in my Facebook deer during the business hours.

#2 Create A List & Stick to It

I make a to-do-list in the early morning every single day. I make coffee, sit down, and write all the big & small tasks I have to do on the day and never finish work before I can cross off every single item.

Just think realistically, of course! So instead of just listing a ‘ PROJECT X ‘ on your to-do list, not something like ‘ MAKE A BUSINESS PLAN FOR PROJECT X ‘. Write down specific tasks and stick to them. By doing this, not only you’ll be more productive, you won’t risk procrastinating as much.

Make a list of all the little & big things you need to do in order to launch your freelancing business. By looking at the list you might actually understand that your dream is actually very doable.

#3 Get rid of the quick tasks first

So after you’re done with your list- separate some of those points into two parts:

• Tasks that take 20 minutes or less
• Major tasks that do not have a specific timeframe

Start today by completing the small tasks first and check them off from the list. Just sit down, concentrate, and try to finish them all in one go. If you postpone, all these small tasks will add up quickly and it will get harder to complete all at once, so don’t wait!

#4 Register A Website

Seriously, what are you waiting for? I’m not saying that impulsive decisions will always get you to the right place, but sometimes all you need to do is JUST START.

Ok, I know, I know…starting a website might look like a hustle to you at this point, but in reality- it only takes 5 minutes… Crazy right?

Just 5 minutes and you can actually take a step closer to your dream today. All you need to do is follow this step by step tutorial, it explains everything you need to do!

#5 Use batching technique when creating content

Publishing high-quality content when you launch is crucial, but sitting down & writing blog posts can be a bit challenging with all of the new tasks on your plate.

My advice is- use the time now and schedule your posts ahead! There are various of tools you can use to plan your posts online, my favorite is CoSchedule which allows you to install a plugin for your WordPress blog, you can also connect it to your social media accounts & auto-schedule.

Of course, if you’re looking for a free alternative, you can simply use Google Calendar to write down topics/to-do-lists for your future posts.

#6 Set yourself a deadline

Having a clear set date on when you need to actually launch your new business is a must. Not only you will be able to spread your task within the period of time, but you will also have an end date. This is important.

#7 Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself

We’re all kids inside & even a small treat can help us work better & faster throughout the process. If I have a particularly busy day ahead, I plan an exciting evening, so I have something to look forward to and this really helps me keep focused. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Allowing yourself to catch up on your favorite TV show without any guilt is good enough!

Have fun, enjoy whatever you’re doing & you’ll get there, I promise!

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