GotoMeeting Review 2022:Is It Suitable for Your Video Conferencing Platform

Basic information about GoToMeeting?

As an industry leader in online video conferencing for global companies, GoToMeeting is trusted by millions of people every day for real-time virtual communication and collaboration. GoToMeeting provides fast, simple and reliable professional online meeting solutions, enabling customers to meet face-to-face. Connect with colleagues through chat in the meeting or conference call, and share their presentations on the screen. All of this is just a click of a button. Driven by award-winning collaboration solutions, nothing compares to providing motivation for your team or business. GoToMeeting combines productivity and flexibility, allowing employees to work efficiently on any device anytime, anywhere.

GoToMeeting Pricing

Professional Plan
The Professional plan costs $12 per month per organizer and allows for a maximum of 150 participants — the organizer is the person with the power to host a meeting, while participants don’t even need a GoToMeeting account to join a meeting, which is why there’s no extra charge for them.

Business Plan
The Business plan boosts the maximum number of participants to 250 for a charge of $16 per month per organizer, and includes some features that the Professional tier does not, including unlimited cloud recording, auto-transcriptions, and the ability to include co-organizers are the big ones.

An additional function, GoToWebinar Lite, is available as a $20/month add-on for both Professional and Business plans, giving users the ability to host webinars for up to 100 participants.

Enterprise Plan
Finally, the Enterprise plan is GoToMeeting’s custom solution for larger businesses. It allows for up to 3,000 simultaneous participants, though you’ll need to contact GoToMeeting’s sales team to figure out what features your custom plan will offer and how much the custom quote will run your company.

GoToMeeting Features

telephone conference
Whether you need to communicate with colleagues, customers or potential customers, GoToMeeting’s audio conference call can meet your needs.
As long as you have an Internet connection, GoToMeeting allows you to join and set up calls. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile devices.
Their interface is also easy to learn. From initial settings to call quality and conference management functions, anyone can use it.
Don’t worry about the time limit. All their phones come with unlimited calls.
GoToMeeting provides optional toll-free phone numbers in more than 50 countries. If you add this feature, you only pay for the content you use. This is an alternative solution to traditional VoIP phone services.
You will also get custom email invitations, appointmentless connections, integrated scheduling and one-click meetings through the conference call function.
video conference

In addition to audio calls, GoToMeeting also provides high-definition quality video conferences. This gives you the opportunity to host face-to-face meetings online for up to 25 users.
Other video conferencing platforms have confusing controls, synchronization errors, and unexpected outages. But you don’t have to worry about any of these problems with GoToMeeting.
The platform supports cloud collaboration between desktop and mobile devices.
The bandwidth will be automatically adjusted according to each user’s resources and hardware to provide a seamless experience for all relevant personnel.
Using the video conferencing function is very simple. GoToMeeting allows people to edit their webcam preferences using a desktop application. Therefore, you can change the display format before going online.
Want to jump off the camera without leaving or interrupting the meeting? no problem. GoToMeeting makes this easy.
Screen sharing
Online screen sharing allows you to show your computer screen to attendees in real time.
This is the perfect way to enhance communication when visual effects are needed.
Screen sharing is useful for brainstorming, team member training or presentations and slides.
With the help of screen sharing, you can turn any conference call into a complete presentation in a few seconds.
Another advantage of this feature is its flexibility. You can choose exactly which screen to share. Whether it’s your entire display or a single application, GoToMeeting has settings to meet your needs.
Screen sharing
Participants do not need to download any desktop or mobile software to access the screen sharing function. GoToMeeting provides screen sharing from all Chrome web browsers.
This is ideal for people who are in a software-restricted environment or use an operating system that cannot install applications. These are common scenarios for certain corporate firewall permissions.
You can also share your screen from iPhone or iPad. You can even switch seamlessly between iOS devices. If you are late for a meeting and you need to leave your computer, just continue on your mobile device without leaving the meeting.
Transcription and recording
A common problem with virtual meetings (and face-to-face meetings that are too honest) is the ability to retain information. This is especially true for longer meetings with multiple presenters and participants.
Handwritten notes are not always practical or possible. Fortunately, there are many digital tools that can solve this problem.
GoToMeeting solves this problem through transcription and recording. Just click the record button. The presenter’s screen and everyone’s audio will be captured. You can store these recordings locally or in the cloud.
The intelligent meeting assistant will also automatically transcribe conversations. So you can always refer to those transcripts.
There is no reason to assign a designated transcriber to your meeting. Instead of scrambling to write things down, you can actually focus on what is happening.
Transcription and recording are also very beneficial to colleagues or clients who cannot attend. They can re-watch the meeting on their own time as if they were there.
Hardware package
GoToMeeting provides you with all the hardware you need to hold high-quality meetings. They have hardware packages that can be used in small spaces and larger meeting rooms.
Through Poly and Dolby Voice, GoToMeeting provides top-notch technology. The audio and video quality of these bundles is second to none.
These out-of-the-box conference room solutions are very user-friendly. Installation is also very easy. You can complete the setup of the entire system in 15 minutes.
There is no reason to obtain your conference room hardware from a third-party vendor. Bundling your solution with GoToMeeting is a cost-effective way to get top equipment.
Mobile conference
In the age of remote work, digital nomads, and social distancing, mobile conferencing is essential. After all, remote employees are not always tied to their desks, they can use the computer at will.
GoToMeeting solves this problem by providing native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Now you can schedule, join or host meetings directly from any mobile device.
The mobile application still provides you with all the features and advantages we discussed earlier. You can also share screens and record meetings. It is suitable for audio and video conference calls.
Similarly, no matter where you are, GoToMeeting will automatically adjust your bandwidth to ensure high quality.
Suppose you are on a journey and the mobile phone service is not very good. Enable commuter mode, disable screen and video sharing. The call will be as clear as possible, and you can save up to 90% on data usage fees.

Overall, GoToMeeting is a great conference call service for most remote business owners. It is affordable, starting at $12 per month, and offers a wide range of products, such as mobile conference and training solutions. With flexible functions and intuitive interface, anyone who uses GoToMeeting will definitely improve their business communication and meetings.