Onpay Review in 2021: Features&Pricing

What is OnPay?
Growing companies like OnPay because of its flexible salary and human resources. It has received Capterra’s highest customer rating. It is the editor’s choice of PCMag. The entrepreneur said, “This is a simple, fast, and mobile-friendly system that does not require a steep learning curve.” Pay employees within minutes, automatically Pay taxes and add payslips to QuickBooks or Xero. Only $36 plus $4 per person per month for payroll, human resources tools, and options to increase benefits, this is the most valuable of high-quality payroll providers.
Today, OnPay has more than 30 years of salary experience and is headquartered in Atlanta. OnPay operates in all 50 states and is estimated to process $2 billion in salary each year. OnPay works with restaurants, non-profit organizations, churches and religious organizations, and agricultural companies.
OnPay fully automates all aspects of the payroll process, including handling those complicated payroll taxes. But the service also comes with other features, such as reporting, human resources, and integration with other popular business management applications and accounting software to help simplify your process as much as possible.

Payroll software
First, OnPay will do what it says: run payroll. OnPay makes the setup and onboarding process for small business owners easy (or as simple as possible for this relatively tricky task). When setting up an OnPay account for the first time, you can choose to enter data and employee information yourself-including each employee’s salary or hourly salary; payment schedule; office location, department, position and manager; previous salary information and tax settings, withholding And deductions-or you can let OnPay do this for you.
If you choose to enter the data yourself, you can let your employees enter their own data to create their employee profile. If you encounter any problems, you can call an OnPay tax expert to help you from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern Time on each business day.
Importantly, OnPay is responsible for handling appropriate payroll taxes and procedures, and will handle any payroll related issues with the IRS on your behalf. Its 100% accuracy guarantee means that if a mistake falls on its shoulders, it will cover any potential fines.
OnPay will run the payroll according to your pre-determined pay schedule, but you can also run the payroll at any time outside of the regular schedule (for example, to pay for holidays or bonuses). You can also choose how to pay employees, whether it’s through automatic deposits to their bank accounts, paper checks, or prepaid debit cards. OnPay also offers a pay-as-you-go employee compensation plan, which automatically updates your policy when you recruit new employees.
Features of OnPay
In our review, we found the feature list of OnPay to be very impressive. The following are some of the available functions:
1. Unlimited payroll runs
2. Payroll tax has been submitted and remitted
3. Mobile accessibility
4. Lifetime accounts of all employees
5. Six levels of user permissions
In addition, OnPay offers free direct deposit, and you can also choose to pay your employees by debit card or paper check. Employees and contractors can pay in the software, and direct deposits are available for contractors.
With OnPay, you can register and manage health and dental benefits, and the program is available in all 50 states. You can also add supplementary insurance such as life, vision and disability at any time. The software also provides workers’ compensation management and access to pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation policies.
The application processes year-end W-2 and 1099 forms, which you can print and distribute to your employees, or have OnPay print and distribute these forms for a small fee.
The employee file in OnPay contains personal information such as profile, start date, current salary, and current deductions. You can also view the most recent salary list.
OnPay employee records, including fields for salary, hire date, supervisor name, location, and department
The employee record provides a lot of detailed information about each employee.
In addition to personal and work-related details, the employee file also includes W-4 and I-9 completed by employees, as well as documents related to human resources, such as annual reviews or reports, and bank information for direct deposits.
OnPay provides good reporting options. There are more than 40 payroll and tax related reports available, but report customization is quite limited in the application. If customization is important, reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, and any report can be saved as PDF.

Multi-state payroll
If you have employees in multiple states, there is no additional cost because OnPay provides payroll for all 50 states at no additional cost.
OnPay withholding tax form, including employee number, deposit plan, state and tax rate fields
You can use OnPay to quickly set up state withholding tax information. Source: OnPay software.
You only need to add the state where you have employees, your state tax account number, and the current state unemployment insurance (SUI) rate. OnPay will do the rest, including calculation, filing, and remittance. OnPay also includes a free payroll tax calculator and tax rate information for each state.
Employee onboarding and self-service
OnPay allows you to choose to enter the new employee’s information yourself, or let the new employee complete the onboarding process. Just check the “Invite Employees” box and enter a valid email address for the new employee; then, the software will send them an invitation via email, asking them to help in the setup process.
You can also add tasks to be completed for new employees, such as filling out tax documents and their I-9s.
After employment, employees can access their accounts at any time to view current and historical payrolls, view and download year-end tax documents such as W-2, update personal information, join or withdraw from benefit plans, and even change their pre-checks through the self-service function. Tax deduction information.
Human Resources Tools
OnPay‘s human resource tools provide a variety of convenient resources for every small business, including:
1. Employee Admission Notice
2. PTO approval and time tracking
3. Human Resources Template
4. Creator of Organization Chart
5. Compliance tools
6. Direct messages
7. State new employee report
8. Human Resources Library
9. OnPay Human Resources Dashboard, which contains a to-do list of employees
10. The HR module in OnPay has simple dashboard navigation.
The dashboard allows you to view outstanding personnel tasks and displays a list of employees who are out of the office and pending requests that need to be completed. Like the payroll dashboard, the HR dashboard is fully customizable, so you can display only the information you need to view.
Multiple payment rates and schedules
OnPay will not link you to any established payroll or employee salary rate, so if you want to conduct a commission check or year-end bonus check, you can do it for free.
You can also assign multiple rates to your employees, and the salary calculator will automatically calculate these employees’ overtime when necessary.
OnPay provides integration with various third-party accounting, time tracking, human resources and retirement applications, including:
QuickBooks online
QuickBooks desktop
FreshBooks (coming soon)
When i work
T list
OnPay provides complete synchronization with these applications, reducing the amount of repeated data input required.
How much does OnPay cost?
OnPay’s price is still $36 per month plus $4 per employee per month, which is within the average price range of the sites we reviewed. It also offers a one-month free trial. The basic price of Patriot Software’s full-service payroll is $30 per month (or $10 per month if you are willing to declare and deposit taxes yourself), plus $4 per employee per month. On the other hand, Square Payroll is $29 per month, plus $5 per employee per month. Gusto starts at $39 per month, plus $6 per employee per month, but its basic price is $149 per month, plus $12 per month per person.