Gotranscript Review 2022

GoTranscript Review 2022:Best Freelance Jobs

Anyone with good listening skills and good typing speed can work on transcription. However, to make things easier, you need a website with ample job opportunities and an ideal payment structure. I’ve checked out one of the best transcription sites for you to join right now.
Since the 2020 pandemic hit the global population, freelance opportunities have grown exponentially. Globally, freelance jobs increased by 41% in the second quarter of last year.
If you’re interested in working from home online, what’s stopping you? I know what you’re thinking. Freelancing means finding a steady job to create a regular income stream for yourself, which isn’t possible unless you’re at the top of the game.
While fields like graphic design and writing are pretty saturated, you can easily find yourself a place in the transcription world with minimal experience.
Below I will introduce you to the most reliable transcription sites.
What is GoTranscript?
GoTranscript is a transcription company founded in 2005 and led by CEO Peter Trebek. Their current headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Their customers are located all over the world, transcribing 144 million minutes (274 years) of audio, and their main services include transcription, translation, subtitles and subtitles.
While GoTranscript uses an AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform to provide transcription services, they also employ a freelance transcriber (you) for manual transcription. Machines are simply not perfect, which is why human intervention is still required – which is why they hire people like you to help.
(Worth noting) If you want to become a transcriptionist, you can apply at GoTranscript, but remember that transcription is not just a simple typing or data entry type job…you need good listening and research skills to be successful ( and earn a decent income).
GoTranscript requirements
As far as transcription companies go, it’s relatively easy to get accepted by GoTranscript. But of course, you still have to meet some requirements.
You must be of legal age.
No experience is required, but you need to pass their test. If you fail their test, you can try again in a few days.
You need to have good English skills.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re typing fast or slow, because the turnaround time for 10 minutes of audio is 6 hours. Having said that…you pay by the minute of audio, so if you need 6 hours to transcribe 10 minutes of audio, you only pay for those 10 minutes of audio.
There are no specific computer requirements. You are eligible to work for them as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Of course, having a fast computer and a reliable internet connection would be advantageous. If you’re an experienced transcriptionist, you probably also have hardware such as high-quality headphones and foot pedals to make your transcription work more efficient.
If for some reason you don’t meet their requirements or can’t get hired, you can also make money online with survey sites like and
Of course, these sites won’t make you rich, but they’re an easy way to get started online.
They can also be stepping stones to more serious things like an online business.
For example, you may be at home because of a health problem or the need to care for a young person.
If that’s the case, and what you want is full-time online income, knowing how and where to start is all you need to get what you want.
GoTranscript job type
GoTanscript provides 3 types of jobs for remote workers, namely:
a) Gotranscript audio and video transcription
Transcribe audio and video files to help customers quickly gather useful information and data. Such files can be of any length, but can be subdivided into having multiple transcribers process them to increase productivity. Transcriptions can be of any number, including seminars, presentations, sermons, and lectures.
Most jobs fall under general transcription, and pay rates within the industry are low. Big money goes to legal, medical, and financial transcription work, and GoTranscript has plenty.
b) Gotranscript translation
Translation may involve processing text, video and audio files. The aim is to allow clients to reach a wider audience for business, political or personal reasons. Translators also make it easier for English speakers to understand academic papers, games, applications, and patents written in foreign languages.
Currently, GoTranscript employs translators in over 15 languages, including Spanish, German and French.
c) Gotranscript subtitles and subtitles
Often, these jobs involve processing video files to create text that can be read by anyone watching on a digital screen. For early freelancers watching movies and TV shows, this part of the job is often fun. Additionally, subtitles and subtitles may involve high-income documents such as foreign exchange, software, legal and technical engineering videos.
These works also involve generating subtitles in languages ​​different from the original files. Also, unlike transcriptions, which primarily require you to generate text verbatim from a file, subtitles are slightly different.
It’s up to you to translate and generate words that viewers can understand as if the original video were their native language.
Pricing and Fees
The service structure of GoTranscript is similar to that of Rev and Scribie. The absolute cheapest option is $0.90 per minute. However, this price is untimestamped, applies to files with only one or two speakers, and returns five days later.
Of course, any option you choose will add to the cost. For example, if you specify that you want a full verbatim record (including phonological errors, incorrect beginnings, and filler words) rather than a clean verbatim file that omits these elements, the price increases by $0.25 per minute.
There is also an additional charge for overtime: $0.25 per two minutes or $0.33 per 30 seconds for speaker replacement. Faster delivery to three days costs an additional $0.10 per minute, and a one-day delivery commitment costs another $0.20. There is an additional $1.60 for 6-12 hour delivery coverage. If your recording involves more than two people (including yourself), you’ll also need to shell out another quarter per minute. On the list of extras, SRT/SSL subtitles (the most common type of subtitle format) cost an extra $0.40, while low-quality audio costs you an extra $0.30 per minute.
These fees drive up the total cost, especially since some seem like they should be included in the base cost. For example, if I needed GoTranscript to return a three-person recording with timestamps for speaker changes during the day (not an unreasonable or atypical request by any means), the total cost per minute would be $1.60. New users can try the service for $10 for free.
Is GoTranscript legal?
GoTranscript is a legitimate transcription company offering thousands of jobs to its remote transcriptionists. The platform is highly rated on many review sites, and TrustPilot rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars.
Their pay rates are above average, with the highest earners earning about $1,215 a month. The platform also has one of the best turnaround times in the industry (6 hours for transcription 10 minutes).
Therefore, GoTranscript is not only legal, but also ranks highly among the best online sites for beginners.
Interested in? Apply to become a transcriptionist on Gotranscript here!