Oranum Review:Is It True to Solve the Problem?

In short
Oranum has a large network of selected psychological counselors, which includes a series of spiritual specialties. Customers can choose from a wide range of different psychic services, including astrology, dream interpretation, reiki healing, tarot reading, and spellcasting. The rates for psychics vary, and all consultants provide reading via video chat or face-to-face.
Although Oranum was once known for its long list of unique niche reading topics, the site has now condensed its list into 12 main categories: love, clairvoyance, tarot cards, astrology, dreams, guides, family, occupations , Fortune telling, numerology, sound path and pet psychic.
Oranum’s reading type
If these categories feel they are a bit ubiquitous, it’s because they are. Unfortunately, the site does not provide any filtering options to help you narrow your search.
That being said, every psychic must host a free live meeting every week so you can watch their actions or read more about their abilities in their resume.
In addition to free reading of Oranum, the site also has hundreds of psychics to choose from. With plenty of services and reading materials, you will surely find dozens of psychics who specialize in the type of psychic you are looking for. If you are a novice and are not sure which type of reading you like, Oranum allows you to quickly find what you are looking for through a convenient category list.

If this is not enough to get started, you can dip your toes in the water and try the Oranum Daily Horoscope, a free service provided through the Oranum blog. If you like the sound of the readings there, you can continue to book a free trial chat with the psychic of your choice.

In addition to the common readings you might find on similar websites (such as tarot readings, astrology, and dream interpretation), you can also request psychic rituals, numerology readings, and sound healing. Sound repair is an interesting option that is not available on many other competitor’s websites. This is a form of reading that uses vibrations, such as tuning forks and gongs, to relax and refresh the body and mind.

Another unique service is coffee reading. Here, the psychic will explain the coffee grounds left in the cup to predict the potential future.

Free chat is a more reliable feature. It is clear on the website that when psychics are online, you can join their chat room for free, and they can answer questions and chat freely with other people in the chat room. Then, you can choose to enter a private chat for reading, which is a paid service.

If you are looking for the best psychic readings on Oranum, this is also easy. It lists the top 100 psychics at any time based on ratings, skills, and the site’s points system. More importantly, the award presented by Oranum clearly shows that the psychic has been doing this for a long time.

Oranum has a large number of blogs and articles that you can read to introduce you to various psychic readings, so if you are not sure what you are looking for, you can browse love astrology and learn more about the way works of each reading, for example .

Once you have chosen your psychic and your preferred type of reading, it is easy to get in touch. Just check who is online now, enter the chat room and see if they are available. Or, if they are offline, you can check their calendar and make an appointment in advance.
From the moment you log on to Oranum’s website, you will see a bunch of images of psychics currently hosting live meetings. Even if you haven’t created an account, you can click on the psychic and start watching their live broadcast.

You can interact with these readers as a visitor, but you cannot type and send your own personal messages in the chat box. You can only choose to send one of the predefined messages available on this site, which include “I need your guidance” and “What can I do to feel better?”

How to use Oranum

After you create an account, you can use the chat function to interact with the psychic during their live session. It should be noted that when creating an account, you need to purchase a coin pack. You can also get an additional 1,000 coins to verify your credit card.

The truth is, finding a psychic you want to connect with before creating an account is very challenging. This is because psychics can hide some personal information from non-subscribers.

If you do not log in to your account, you will not be able to view the private reading rates of the psychic. If you try to view the reader’s price as a guest, you will be redirected to the registration form of the site.

After purchasing paid reading, you can interact with readers through chat or video-video is the more popular choice. During the reading, your psychic will turn on their camera so that you can see and hear them. You can choose to turn off the camera and use the chat function to communicate, or you can turn on the camera.

Although I was able to use the app to join a live session, the video source could not be formatted correctly to fit my phone screen. A mobile app may be convenient for browsing psychic materials, but if you want to enter a paid session, this website is better.
Help and support
Oranum has a variety of customer support options. If you have basic questions, you can check their FAQ page, which contains information about Oranum registration and how to get coins? , Account information, Oranum broadcast, technical assistance and some general information about billing assistance. Oranum also provided phone numbers for billing issues that were not provided in the FAQ.

The answers in the FAQ are fairly basic, so if you have more complex questions, you can easily send a message through their online support page, so you can get live chat support. Oranum recommends using their live chat support function to solve almost all technical problems you encounter when using this website, whether it is video/call quality or general connection problems. Although the answers to live chat questions may not be instant, they are usually quick.

How to get a refund from Oranum
Users can apply for a refund from Oranum, but the website does not provide a full satisfaction guarantee. The user must submit a refund request within 24 hours after the service, and only after the refund is approved can they receive the website currency.

How easy (or difficult) is it to apply for a refund?
Although requesting a refund is fairly simple-you must apply through the live chat support page-but finding Oranum’s refund policy is much more difficult. This information is hidden in their terms and conditions page and presented in difficult legal language.

How long will it take to get a refund?
There is no stipulated time for refunds. All refund claims must go through an investigation process, so it is unlikely that an immediate refund will be made.