Keen Psychics Review:Your Most Trusted Psychic Platform

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People have different reasons to explore psychological problems. Some people do this for comfort, some seek guidance, and most people long for some form of enlightenment. But not everyone has a psychic within reach, and it is not easy to find someone who truly understands you-someone who can truly understand you.

This is where comes in. Keen provides psychic services to everyone around the world. Since 1999, they have served more than 35 million customers. With their wide selection of psychic experts, you are sure to find an expert that meets your needs.

Keen provides a variety of psychological counselors, each with their own special abilities. No matter what type of answers you are looking for, Keen has a service to help you find them. They provide many different types of services, including tarot card interpretation, psychic interpretation, astrological insight and so on.

But with so many websites claiming to provide the most accurate psychic readings, I am trying to decide which website to trust-after all, I want to tell strangers what I think in my heart.
I decided to use Keen Psychic’s free 3 minutes for new customers to find out if the site is worthwhile and whether the psychic is as accurate as I hoped.
In this review, I reviewed various aspects of the site to help you determine whether this is a valuable channel for psychic reading.

What is Keane?

Keen is an online real-time advice platform where users can browse a wide range of spiritual advisors. It is like a social media website or dating app, but specifically for psychological needs. These consultants come from different backgrounds, and each provides guidance for their own brand. No two psychics on Keen are the same, just as no two people are exactly the same in real life.
This mind service website can be used by anyone in the world. However, their mode of communication is mainly in English, usually through written information. With Keen’s extensive list of consultants, you can find a consultant who speaks your primary language. Some people also provide phones for people who like to read orally, even though typing is the norm. is committed to making it easier for everyone to reach psychic readers. Especially for those in remote areas, having an online reader can bring great comfort. Keen offers a variety of options, including different types of reading materials provided by its top psychics. At the same time, Keen offers a free trial for the first three minutes.

How does work?
Keen Psychics is an impressive company with an outstanding track record and more than 35 million conversations with people all over the world. If you are new to, getting started is easy. You only need to register for a free account, and then you can recharge your account safely and reliably so that you can use any service they provide.
After creating a free account, you can start browsing their online directory of psychics. Here, you can use their filtering options to find the psychic that best suits your needs. You can browse by price, subject expertise, or rating to make sure you find the best psychic for you.
Finding the perfect heart match can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! Each psychic has a profile page on so you can learn more about them before making your final choice. Since working with psychics is a very personal process, this is a great feature for those who want a personalized and accurate experience.

Once you have chosen a keen psychic, you can get in touch with them in many different ways. You can easily contact the psychic of your choice by selecting the “Call now” or “Chat now” button.
Is the consultant you selected unavailable? Keene is at your service! Their services are available 24/7, but they understand that the schedule of the psychic you choose may not match your schedule, which is why they provide call-back or appointment services. If you can’t get in touch with the psychic reader right away, you can request a call back or make an appointment to chat, then relax and wait for them to reply you.

Psychologically sensitive reading types
Keen Psychics can provide you with reading via phone or online chat-online chat is more personalized, and it gives psychics the opportunity to get to know you and contact you. These are the reading materials available on the Keen Psychics website.
General psychic books
If you choose the general psychic books on Keen Psychics, then you can choose the most psychics. You can filter these psychics based on their comments, cost per minute, and whether they read through chat or phone calls.
These general readings are performed using the natural abilities of the psychic, but depending on the psychic you choose, tools such as tarot cards and numerology may be combined. Each psychic uses a unique method, and you can find more information in their profile. Unfortunately, not all psychics have complete information. Some profiles only have a short profile, rate, number of readings, years of service as a keen psychic consultant, and psychic comments. If you want to learn more about some psychics, you need to set up paid reading, which is not ideal.

Love and relationship reading
If you have questions about your current relationship or your general love life, you have more than 75 psychics to choose from. Keen psychics who focus on this particular subject are usually very experienced. However, there are some psychics who provide very little reading on the site and almost no comments, but they have been part of the Keen community for many years. In these situations, it is up to you whether you want to seize the opportunity and arrange for reading.
Life issues
Is there a major life decision to make? There are more than 50 keen psychics ready to help you. Since you really want to believe that the psychic you choose can provide you with accurate guidance, you will be happy to know that most psychics in this category have ratings of 4.5/5 or above.
Tarot interpretation
Tarot interpretations have existed for centuries, but surprisingly, few keen psychics specialize in this medium. That being said, many psychics in the general reading category do use tarot cards as a medium. If you are interested in psychics who use this tool, I suggest you don’t just search under the tarot reading category.
Spiritual reading
Few psychic reading websites have a spiritual reading category. When you are trying to decide which reading is best for you, having this additional category can make things a bit confusing. 40 keen psychics specialize in spiritual reading, including guidance from spiritual teachers, ancestors, and angels.
I think there is a slight difference between general psychic books and spiritual books, because the vast majority of psychics work with spiritual guides anyway.
other categories
The above categories are the main readings you can find in the “Keen Spiritualism” menu, but if you really want it, you can get more specific information. Financial outlook, psychic media, astrology reading, pet psychic, angel reading, and aura purification are just some of the other categories you can choose from.
Having so many choices can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to make any choice at all. Fortunately, you can use the Keen Psychic Match tool to narrow your choices.

Reasons to use Keen
There are many factors to consider when deciding whether Keen’s services are right for you. Here are a few reasons you should try:
Easy access to psychics. As mentioned earlier, Keen provides services around the world around the clock. For survival crises that occasionally require spiritual guidance, Keen will be there for you. If you are not in a hurry and happen to meet an offline psychic, no problem. Let Keen’s callback function handle it for you.
More than 1700 people are available to choose from. With so many choices of consultants, you are sure to find the right consultant for you. Using the Keen filter, you can reduce these more than 1,700 people until you find someone who really understands what you need. In addition, Keen’s spiritism is proficient in different fields, such as clairvoyance, purification, angel reading, numerology, etc.
Try it for free. Not everyone likes psychic books. Even for experienced believers, online reading may take some time to adjust. This is why Keen provides three minutes of free reading for new users. Most of their readers provide the same special offers.
The price range is different. Keen rates are on a per minute basis. Users can adjust their filters to find psychics that charge within their budget. Reservations start at US$1.99, and can go up to more than US$9.99 per minute.
Less judgment. As of now, Keen does not have a video call function. Although this may seem unfortunate, the lack of appearance gives way to customer insecurity. Unlike face-to-face reading, people are afraid of getting into trouble at the first glance, so they have less judgment.
Service for more than 20 years. For Keen to survive since 1999, it must have been doing the right thing. With more than 20 years of experience, Keen has gathered a large customer base and network. They claim to have served millions of people over the years and may continue to do so in the coming years.
Satisfaction guaranteed. They try to ensure customer satisfaction. They do this by offering money-back guarantees to customers who are dissatisfied with their services. Customers who do not like their psychic books will refund up to $25 to their account.
Keen shortcomings
No one is perfect. Similarly, Keen does have some areas to work on. This is the most prominent:
No video reading is available. Although Keen’s overall performance is good, some aspects seem to be lacking, especially the lack of video calling capabilities. Although some users feel satisfied and comfortable without reading face-to-face, it is good to choose video conferencing. It helps to build trust between the customer and the psychic, and so on.
“Experienced” or popular psychics are more expensive. Many experienced celebrities in the field of psychic reading found on Keen have a high ratio. The same is true for those with top-notch user ratings. However, quality is not always accompanied by a high price tag, and many 4 to 5 star psychic services are still reasonably priced.
Three minutes is not enough to build a harmonious relationship. Keen has generously provided all users with the first three minutes of free time, but for most people, this is obviously not enough to establish any form of contact. Some psychics can do this very quickly, but even so, asking your questions is difficult to complete in three minutes…unless you write them down and spit them out quickly. But strategically speaking, this is a smart way for users to experience their services, and it may attract more people to go further than three minutes.

Top keen psychological consultant
Because the Keen Psychic network is so large, it is almost impossible to list all the top psychics. Here are a few.


Mignon is an angel evangelist who has assisted in reading more than 61,000 times. She is one of the most gifted psychics in Keen Psychics, and her cost per minute illustrates this. If you want a reader who can provide you with a specific time frame to answer your questions, Mignon is the first choice.

Laura Northwest Star

Laura has served as a psychological consultant for 18 years, and to date, she has read more than 31,000 times. Her specialty is love and relationships, but she can also help you solve problems about your career, family, and channel information from your spiritual guide. Her reasonable cost per minute and excellent reviews make Laura one of Keen Psychics’ top psychics.
The vision of the genius Hannah

Hannah is a Cherokee consultant and has provided more than 5,000 readings on Keen Psychics since 2009. Hannah is known for her in-depth knowledge and direct reading method. She only reveals the information you really need to know. Money, prosperity, relationships and past lives are just some of her specialties.
Clairvoyance Nicky Power

Nicky has been a psychological consultant for Keen Psychics for 19 years and has conducted more than 52,000 readings related to love, money, career, etc. If you are looking for accurate guidance for those major life decisions, or just need a positive new direction, Nicky is a good choice.
Norah Jones

Nora has provided keen psychic books for 17 years and has accumulated more than 11,000 comments. This multidimensional psychic is known for using many of her talents for accurate prediction and reasonable guidance. If you want someone who is direct but easy to talk to, Nora is a good choice.

Keen sychics-frequently asked questions
Is Keen Psychics safe?
In terms of reliable psychic reading websites, Keen Psychics is not only my first choice, but they have been around for two decades. More importantly, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have tried it myself. If you are not satisfied with the reading, they will deposit up to $25 into your account. You can then use these credits for future reading.
Is the Keen Psychics consultant accurate?
Most psychics on Keen Psychics have a rating of 4 stars or higher, and since the site displays all reviews (negative and positive), you can easily judge the accuracy of potential psychics. All the psychic materials on Keen are also very detailed, providing you with all the information you need to make the best choice for you. I also used the Psychic Match tool to narrow down my search faster-this is a very useful feature.
What kind of psychic books does Keen Psychics provide?
Keen Psychics has a range of reading categories to choose from, but the number is not so large that it is difficult to resist. Choose from common doubts, such as love and relationships, finances and careers, and tarot cards. If you are looking for something more specific, there are also categories, such as pet spiritism, Vedic astrology, and cartography.
How much does Keen Psychics cost to read?
Keen’s psychic books start at $1.99 per minute. However, you can expect to pay up to $30 per minute for more experienced readers. The good news is that new customers can get the first 3 minutes of reading time for free.
Unlike many psychic websites, they have the necessary security features to protect your personal information. One of the most attractive aspects of Keen is that there are no third-party advertisements on its website, which means that no random pop-up windows may introduce suspicious software on your device.
All in all, Keen is a great place to get psychic services. But just like on any other platform, customers should always take precautions when dealing with people who are strangers in nature.