The Power of Affirmations. Stepping into 2021.

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The Power of Affirmations. Stepping into 2021.


In short, affirmations are positive statements about your life, relationships, and experiences that you want to become true.

End of the year is perfect for setting affirmations for 2021.

I’ve done this last year & to my surprise, 90% of my affirmations came true. Here’s what I’ve hoped for and what happened:

To leave old products behind & increase our pricing. That’s exactly what we did – this year I’ve eliminated Blogger templates for good and improved my web design offering to raise my prices. This turned out to be the best decisions ever.

To start a new project. YEP! We’ve closed the doors of Kotryna Bass Design to open KOBA themes. We’re still in the early days, but I know this change was inevitable.

To start working on our cabin project. We did! We got our building permit finalized after 2 years of only doing the paperwork. We built a road, installed electricity, and completed foundations for both the main house and the shed. We also spent the most amazing week camping on our land in a campervan.

Enjoy the summer. I think we really did! It has always been my dream to take summers off & I still have a few bits and pieces to work on to make this possible, but all in all this summer was beautiful. We’ve got to travel with the family, spent amazing time in nature and really got to experience the growth of our son!

Master the discipline. I can’t say I’ve mastered this 100%, BUT I feel like I was way more into following my routines this year. I’ve also started taking cold showers, reading a lot, doing yoga regularly, and keeping away from my phone in the evenings.

To grow my team. I so did!

To buy a new car. A little fact you didn’t know about us, but we’ve been driving our 2005 Volvo for CENTURIES now. We live in the old town of Vilnius, so having a car is not really a necessity to start with, but we wanted to upgrade this year, so we can travel more (once the CoVid is handled, of course). So I surely had to put it into my affirmations list & so it turned to reality!

Live & work abroad for a month in the fall. NOPE 🙁 I was hoping to spend my birthday in Tenerife or Bali, but we all know what’s been happening around the world!

As you can see, most of the things really turned out to be true and I strongly believe that writing down affirmations at the end of 2019 helped me stay focused throughout the year.

I hope this post inspires you to set some time aside this week to sit down and calmly write down what you expect from 2021. If this is your first time, here’s something that can help:

  • spend some time off social media before you start working on this
  • light a candle
  • start with the words “I am.”
  • use present tense
  • keep it positive
  • make it specific (mark month, day, or season when you wish for smth to happen)
  • make these affirmations about yourself and your needs

I personally also want to have a slower, more fulfilling year. I want to focus on my mental health, really explore what I want in life. I want to make my customers experience even better, create strong income streams for my business, but don’t forget to spend quality time with the ones I love the ones whilst achieving my professional goals.

I realize that due to the situation we’re experiencing in the world right now, I will have to adjust the way I plan my year. Here’s why I’m still working on my own list and will be writing my affirmations down in my notebook on the morning of the last day of 2020.

Here’s to the more fulfilling 2021, I can’t wait to see what it brings our way!

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