20 Free High-Resolution T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates for Designers

20 Free High-Resolution T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates for Designers

By Paul Andrew

on Dec 8th, 2020

There was a time when apparel designers would have to actually print their illustrations and designs directly onto a t-shirt, just to test how it looked. Now, with Photoshop and pre-designed mockup templates, designers can rapidly create ‘live’ samples, in real-world scenarios, without ever having to leave the comfort of their desks.

T-shirt mockups are truly a cost-effective and time-saving method for testing and showcasing your designs before having to go to print or full production.

The free high-resolution t-shirt mockup templates we have for you today will allow you to give your t-shirt design a photorealistic result in mere minutes. They’re all in Photoshop PSD format, most will even allow you to change the t-shirt color, and all you have to do is place your artwork into the Smart Object, and save. It’s that simple!

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Front, Back & Folded T-shirt Mockup (Free)

With this free mockup, you will be able to show off the front, back, and how the shirt looks when folded. At this price point the choice is simple, get it and you’re done!

Realistic T-Shirt Mockup Templates (with Envato Elements)

Save time and energy by using this t-shirt mockup template. With 6 different views for men and women, you will be able to showcase your designs on people, and have time for coffee.

Woman’s T-Shirt Mockup Template (Free)

This mockup pack includes 5 high quality t-shirt mockups that will allow you to demonstrate your designs like a professional. Get your final versions of a photorealistic mockup in seconds.

Photorealistic 4K T-Shirt Mockups (with Envato Elements)

Save time and money with this photorealistic t-shirt mockup pack. Use the 3D design mapping to get your designs perfectly aligned and make them look perfect on any device with their 4k resolution.

Baby T-Shirt PSD Mockup (Free)

This is the perfect baby apparel mockup back for showing off your designs. Get 6 different angles that will allow you to show off just what you need to and easily change the colors and details to match your design.

T-Shirt Mockup 04 (with Envato Elements)

This mockup will save you time and money with its one click design changes and high resolution images. This resource is perfect for promoting your designs on platforms like Amazon Merch or Tee-spring.

T-Shirt PSD Mockup with Changeable Background (Free)

This mockup allows you to showcase your designs on a persona and in any color that you want! With an easy way to get your designs onto the shirt and filters that you can use; this mockup pack is an excellent choice!

Women’s T-Shirt Mockups (with Envato Elements)

This time saving t-shirt mockup gives you the best way to simply and beautifully showcase your t-shirt designs for womens apparel. Features include 3D mapping and a 4k resolution, this resource will bring your designs to life.

T-Shirt Mockup Templates (Free)

This t-shirt mockup is ideal to showcase your designs on any t-shirt color. With the design files as a vector file; you will be able to manipulate the view and always make it look nice.

I am Creator T-Shirt Mockup Template (Free)

This mockup template includes everything you need to present your t-shirts in the best possible light. Includes a helpful pdf and video tutorials.

PSD T-Shirt Mockup Template (Free)

This t-shirt mockup gives you a colorful array to showcase your t-shirt designs. Simple, clean looking, and easy to use; this mockup pack delivers just what you need.

T-Shirt Tag/Logo Mockup Template (Free)

This mockup features a simple and easy way to showcase your logo designs on the tags of t-shirts. The file includes smart layers in the PSD file, and has a 3000x2400px resolution.

T-Shirt Mockup Design (Free)

This t-shirt mockup is perfect to show your designs. Paste your designs onto the shirts with Adobe Photoshop.

Men’s T-Shirt MockUp (Free)

This t-shirt mockup is great for showcasing your apparel designs on men’s shirts. It’s ideal for creating a photorealistic display. Included with the PSD, are smart features like folds displacement mapping and filter actions.

Folded T-Shirt Mockup Template (Free)

This t-shirt mockup gives you several different perspectives of folded shirts. You can easily change the shirt color and add graphics with the smart layer.

Stunning Tee Shirt Mockup (Free)

This mockup pack is specially designed to present your designs quickly and professionally. Showcase your design on the shirt, in a box, and at 300DPI. The smart object option allows you to fully customize every aspect of the mockup.

T-Shirt Mockup Templates (Free)

This t-shirt mock up displays your t-shirt designs alongside other clothing articles. Quickly and easily change your designs using the smart object layer.

Ultimate Apparel T-Shirt Mockup Template (Free)

This t-shirt mock up has 5 fully customizable PSD scenes from a flat lay to models. This mockup is easy to use, and includes a help file. Get your designs ready!

Tank Top PSD Mockup Templates (Free)

Show off your tank top designs using this mockup template. The summer background adds a nice touch which makes it easy to visualize how the finished tee will look.

T-Shirt Mockup 2 (Free)

If you need a closeup mockup to present your t-shirt design, look no further than this template. The template is easy to edit thanks to smart layers.

Longline T-Shirt Mockup (Free)

Thanks to this longline t-shirt mockup, you can easily showcase large designs. The template makes it easy to edit colors on the shirt and place your design via smart layers and objects.

Folded PSD Sweatshirt Mockup (Free)

Show off your sweatshirts with this folded sweatshirt mockup. You can easily change the sweatshirt color and add your graphics with the smart layers.

T-Shirt Mockup Templates (Free)

This t-shirt mockup is perfect if you want to showcase a company logo. You can drop in the design via smart objects and quickly change the color of the shirt.

Red T-Shirt Mockup PSD (Free)

If you need a color shirt design take a look at this template. It comes in red color but you can easily change it to match your needs and then use smart layers to add your design.

Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockup Templates (Free)

Showcase your wearable designs in the best possible light with this mockup file. With the ability to edit specific layers, you will be able to change the background and give it a texture that best suits your t-shirts!

Whether you’re designing the front of the shirt, the back or both front and back, there is no doubt that a high-resolution t-shirt mockup will allow you to showcase your design in the best possible light. Use the mockups on this list to help your clients or customers visualize how the t-shirt will look once printed and worn.

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