How Teens Can Make Money Online

Make Money Online

How Teens Can Make Money Online


The other day, I’ve received a message from a mom of a teenager asking if I can provide some tips for her daughter on making money online. YES! I’ve instantly replied. This topic has been on my mind for days, so the message just gave me that extra push to complete this post. Let’s talk about this.

To be honest, I’m a bit jealous of the teenagers living in 2020. Back in my day (damn, that makes me sound old) we had to find odd jobs to earn spare cash for those dream sneakers. Now tho, teenagers have every possibility to earn money online & I bet their parents would be more than ok with them doing so!

15 ways for teens to make money online:

  1. Start a blog. Here’s how I personally make money from my blog.
  2. Get into affiliate marketing.
  3. Start a blog to get sponsorship deals.
  4. Sell digital products online.
  5. Sell your old stuff on eBay.
  6. Take paid online surveys.
  7. Help others by becoming a virtual assistant.
  8. Test websites.
  9. If you have graphic design skills, sign up for Upwork.
  10.  Sell Stuff On Amazon.
  11. Start an Etsy shop.
  12. Manage social media for companies.
  13. Become a photo editor.
  14. Create a podcast and start a Patreon page to get funding.
  15. Give dropshipping a try.

I would love to provide more details on each way from the list. Let me know which one I should start with!

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