Yes, You Do Have Enough Time to Start a Business

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Yes, You Do Have Enough Time to Start a Business


You can make this happen. If I can do it, so can you. It’s that simple. It is all about learning to prioritize what matters. Yes, you might need to give up a few things, but if you want to build your own business – you HAVE TO give this a go. If you feel like you don’t have enough time for starting a new business – keep on reading.

Ok, I want you to do this now:

  1. Grab a notebok
  2. Take a pen
  3. Write down all of the things you’ve done today.

Seriously, this might sound silly, but this damn works.

List everything you’re occupied with. From essentials such as picking up kids from school to complete waste of your time such as scrolling on Instagram for half an hour before taking a shower.

Be honest with yourself and don’t try to impress anyone here.

Now look back at that list.

Can you see anything you can cross off that list? Can you see your energy going towards the things that do not really matter? Can you see things you can perhaps share with your partner or hire out?

I bet even Elon Musk would find a gap in his schedule, so you will surely too!

Now make a new list.

CREATE your new schedule by only including the things that matter.

Of course, don’t be completely harsh on yourself and include some time to relax, but perhaps instead of getting lost in social media feeds choose to read something inspiring or do yoga then? Or have date with your other half, that always helps!

Begin with making a list you CAN follow, so even if you can set a 30 minute block to work on your new business idea – do it. Step-by-step you will get there.

Every big business started small, remember this and start making things happen. Today.

Why not to start with building a website? Here’s a quick tutorial for you.

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