Why We Shouldn’t Praise ‘Being Busy’


Why We Shouldn’t Praise ‘Being Busy’


Look, we’ve all been there. Sometimes life just gets too busy. We end up complaining to our friends & colleagues on how busy we are. Somehow, it’s supposed to explain our forgiveness in other areas of life. Getting lost in this roller coaster of praising ‘busy’ and finding yourself feeling completely lost & exhausted at some point of your entrepreneur journey is easy. I’ve definitely been there myself but during the years I’ve come to realize that ‘being busy’ is nothing to be proud of and here’s why.

It shows your inability to manage your time right

Did you notice how the most successful people on this planet always find time for more things than just work in their days?

They all seem to be bright and early at the gym, their diet is spot on and they even squeeze in some proper time for family while also making millions as they go.

You might say this only happens because of the support system they’ve built in years and that might be the case. Yet I also believe that it all goes down to their ability to build & maintain a proper routine.

Now ‘being busy’ on the other hand only shows that your routine is way off. If you’re only able to focus on one area of your life and neglect everything else because you’re ‘too busy’, chances are you simply say ‘yes’ to way too many things that do not deserve your time or efforts.

‘Being busy’ does not determine your success

It seems like we often determine how successful our career is by how busy we are. However, I’ve come to realize that this can also mean that we’re just undercharging for our work.

Seriously, during the most intense periods of my business, I felt like I was working 24/7. I was making good money, yet if I were to divide my pay by the hours I put in, I would have probably ended up looking at something around a minimum wage.

What we all still need to realize is that time is way more valuable than money. Being busy most often means that we’re being extremely underpaid and it definitely does not feel like a win at the end of the day. We all simply need to consider how we can be more selective with our time to focus on what really matters in your life and career.

Times Have Changed

Innovative companies like Netflix and Virgin Group are having great success in offering unlimited vacation time. The thing is, a lot of huge companies start to value the emotional and physical well being of their employees over the number of hours they spent stuck in the office.

Most leaders these days tend to have candid conversations with employees to encourage them to take time off to rest. They also set an example by not emailing, texting, or calling after regular business hours which helps to create and maintain a healthy work environment with lasting results.

Times have changed for good and truly successful companies these days try to demolish the busy brag and encourage their employees to focus on a life and career with meaning, value, and joy.

Whether you begin taking half-days off, start saying ‘no’ more often or finally hire some help, I truly hope we can resist the urge to brag about your busyness and feel comfortable instead bragging about how much we value time for ourselves instead.

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