5 Questions to Ask When You Doubt Yourself

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5 Questions to Ask When You Doubt Yourself


At some points in our lives, we all question ourselves whether we are doing good enough or if we are capable of all the uncertainties that might come up as we grow further.

Doubting yourself is OK. In fact, a certain level of self-doubt can even be positive because it indicates you understand what you need to improve in order to do a better job. (Just remember that doesn’t mean what you are doing is not good!) However, persistent fear and self-doubt can hugely affect your life, in a bad way.

Be strict with your inner critic, the next time you get lost into that endless session of self-doubt, ask yourself:

  1. Where does my mind go when it wanders? The next time you catch yourself doubting your abilities, make a conscious note to jot down your thoughts. Where do they come from? Can you see a connection between what you’ve just looked at on your phone? Did you receive a negative comment? Get down to it & really dig for the thing it caused you to question yourself. Knowing the primary reason can help you see things in a perspective.
  2. What would I do differently? Are you currently unhappy with your choices? Do you feel like your work is not good enough? Make an action plan! List all of the ways you can help yourself to feel more confident about what you do. This will put control back into your hands.
  3. What scares you? Realize your self-doubt might be working as your defense mechanism. Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Do your plans feel bigger than you? It’s completely ok to feel scared, just remember, this is your time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and do it anyway.
  4. Do I procrastinate through self-doubt? In moments of confusion about your work or life, it is easier to worry about your personal lacks — or deal with the superficial issues — than accept or acknowledge what you really need to be doing at this stage in your life.
  5. Am I being too hard on myself? Doubting yourself can really bring the worst out of you. As much as it would be tempting to feel all the wrong things about where you’re currently at, remember, this season of self-doubt is for growing. Embrace feeling lost, embrace looking for new ways to improve, own your decisions to find new ways to feel better. You might not be feeling great about it right now, but you will at some point, I promise!

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