How to Manage Your Time Effectively (& Work Smarter, Not Harder)


How to Manage Your Time Effectively (& Work Smarter, Not Harder)


The last couple of years have been a bit crazy – I’ve been running two online businesses as well as started a family on top of that. I’ve also continued to learn and grow daily & I’ve got to admit – I’m no superhuman. All I had was the brilliant support system from my loved ones and some organizational skills that do not seem to let me down whatever I do. If you want to learn how to manage your time effectively & work smarter, not harder- keep on reading.

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating a task until you are running out of time without actually meeting the deadlines? Do you often feel that you have so much to do and not enough time?

The main key to successful time management is to reduce distractions, eliminate time-wasting habits and focus on the important tasks you need to do. This sounds simple, but the reality requires actual actions and determination.

Let’s look into how you can make changes within your schedule and achieve more by doing less.

Worship Your Schedule

I have no idea why we often see routines as boring, dull and something that drags energy and fun out of our day. Routines rock! Having a clear schedule you stick to is a game changer, trust me on this.

How great and productive we are at our work is strongly influenced by how how much structure our day has. If I don’t get to exercise, have my coffee and enjoy a peaceful moment before I head to the office – most likely my day will continue to be hectic.

Find whatever schedule that works for it, but be determined to stick to it. Worship your schedule, say NO to things that do not fit in it.

Learn To Prioritize

You can’t do everything 100%, that’s something you have to hear right now. Write down ALL of the tasks you usually do in a day.

Now, make a new list and list ONLY the tasks that can’t be replaced by someone else and can not be done tomorrow.

I bet the second list is way shorter, right? Work on your priority tasks first, share your workload with people on your team or hire out.

You can’t do it all & that’s absolutely ok! Embrace it!

Plan, plan & plan some more!

I would be nowhere without my planners, seriously. I do yearly, monthly and daily plans for my business and follow them religiously.

I swear by my digital spreadsheet planners & I’m excited to share them with you too! Click on the banner below to download instantly.


Every once in awhile, you need to take a break. If you feel like you’re not performing best & keep forgetting about important things, you feel lost in between all of the things you’ve got to do and the stress keeps piling up – turn your phone off, leave your laptop at the office & disconnect completely.

Read a book, hug your loved ones, enjoy a few days off. Most likely, you’re experiencing a burn-out which can only be cured by rest, sleep and relaxing environment. Do it! It’s an order! 😉

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