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Scala Hosting:
Why is Scala Hosting different from other WordPress hosting providers?

It’s important that web traffic can affect your website. When your website traffic spikes, it’s important to have a web host that can handle this. Choosing the wrong web hosting package can cause your website to crash and fail to be online when customers search for your website.
I think this is an area that Scala hosting can control. Why should I say that? Scala provides 4 easy-to-understand shared hosting packages: Mini, Start, Advanced, and eCommerce.
Scala hosting review
These 4 sharing plans range from $ 4.95 / month – $ 12.00 / month with a 90k network traffic allowance – 500,000 network visits per month!
Another advantage of Scala hosting is that they allow you to host “unlimited websites” as well as unlimited website space and bandwidth.
Small plan: $ 4.95 per month, 10GB of web space, 90,000 visits per month [great for beginners to create a website]
Start plan: $ 5.95 per month, unlimited web space, 150,000 visits per month [most popular Plan]
Premium plan: $ 9.95 per month, unlimited web space, 270,000 visits per month, free lifetime domain name, free SEO analysis valued at $ 49
Hosted VPS: $ 12.00 per month, can handle 500,000 per month visits, a CPU core, 20 GB SSD space, enhanced security, and never blacklisted, than shared hosting, SPanel, daily remote backup
to be much faster. For more information on using a hosted VPS, please visit
This is a unique feature that most of these prices cannot provide. Most web hosts give you unlimited websites or specific spaces. But even with the Mini plan, you can still get unlimited websites!
A start-up plan of just $ 5.95 per month is the most popular of the 4 hosting plans. However, I think that if you are a beginner and creating your first website, a Mini package of $ 4.95 per month will be your best choice.

Additional features:
Free malware scanning
Professional WordPress security
Free SSL certificate
One-click WordPress installation
Automatic backup / update
Free SEO tools
Free CDN
Scala hosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its web hosting plans.
What are the benefits of Scala hosting?
Scala hosting review
For cost reasons, Scala hosting provides more value in terms of network traffic. Most web hosting has a certain upper limit, which is the amount of traffic each plan supports. For example, with the Siteground Start plan, you can only get 10,000 visits.
WP Engine gives you 25,000 visits, but costs up to $ 35 per month! But again, Scala’s mini plan gives you 90,000 monthly visits per month! It also allows you to create multiple websites using any of its plans.
In addition, they maintain a long uptime on the server, which makes them completely different from their online competitors.
Disadvantages of Scala hosting?
Not many disadvantages. The only exception is that if you choose a “premium” or “ecommerce” hosting plan, you will get a free domain name for life. But that’s the case, and I don’t think it will break the deal at all.
Free Website Migration
Are you currently hosting with another web hosting provider and want to change it? If so, then you can easily migrate your site to Scala Hosting for free. I saw online that some web hosting providers charge for this service. For example, Bluehost’s migration service costs $ 149.99. But don’t worry. Scala Hosting will immediately transfer your website to you for free.
Start here @!
Free CDN
Scala Hosting Review
Therefore, CDN makes it easier and faster for you to pass website information through the network. It’s important to be a visitor from around the world on your company’s website. They will help speed up page loading and make it easier for viewers to view your website content online.
According to gtmetrix, CDN prevents your website from crashing when traffic spikes. In addition, it can allocate bandwidth on multiple servers instead of one server. As website traffic grows, you will need web hosting that can host and host website clicks from multiple servers simultaneously. The CDN is competent.
Scala hosting is one of the few shared web hostings that offers a free CDN.
How does Scala hosting protect websites?
So let’s talk about security. This is very important for every online website. I would like to mention some specific methods in this Scala hosting review to keep your website secure 24/7.
Not only will you get Scala Hosting SSL certificates, but they will also install them for you, which is awesome. I think this does eliminate the hassle of having to do it yourself, especially if you are a novice and have never done it.
Maybe you know that Google announced an important statement about the importance of having them in 2019. They are really great for some reason. First, you are considering selling your product on a new website (e.g. e-commerce) and will accept reputation

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