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Quickly borrow from Remppalain is a domestic loan tendering service based on LVS Brokers. Remppalaina does not grant loans itself, but sends an application to its partners, and then helps the customer compare offers and find the best loan option for themselves.

The service is free of charge for its customers.

Security and service is not a lender and cannot therefore be found in the Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency’s lender register. Remppalaina sends the application filled in by the customer to the lenders, and helps the customer to find the best offer. More than 30 lenders work with the service.

The loan can be applied for online at any time, and the loan decision and offers can be obtained practically immediately. In connection with the application, you will receive Remppalainan’s own pages, ie a customer account, from which you can always check your own application.

Please read the loan terms and conditions carefully in the loan offer. Please note that the terms of different lenders may differ. For example, increasing the loan amount during the loan period may be successful with some lenders, but not necessarily for all.

If you wish, you can repay the loan at a faster rate than agreed in the contract. In this case, check with the lender how to proceed so that your additional installments are recorded correctly.

My account: registration, login and activities

All customers automatically receive their own customer account when registering for Remppalain. From the My Account service, you can check the details of your application and edit it if necessary.

You can log in to the Remppa loan with your own e-mail address and password, or alternatively with your personal identity number and pin code.

Loan terms

You can get a loan of up to € 60,000 through Remppalainan. The loan period is 1-20 years and the nominal interest rate of the loan is 4.19% – 20%. There will also be a monthly account management fee of 5 € / month.

In general, the customer must meet the following conditions:

adult and full-fledged
Finnish personal identity number
adequate regular income
no default entries.
The age requirement can often also be higher. To apply, you also need accurate information about your income and expenses, so book your paycheck.

The application will be sent to more than 30 lenders, but if you do not receive applications, make sure your information is correct with the application. You can check this in your customer account – head to, log in to your account and select your application.

Your loan offer can be, for example:

loan amount: € 15,000
loan period: 5 years
monthly installment: 282 € / month
Total amount to be repaid: € 16,920.
The interest rate on the loan may vary from applicant to applicant, and the figures provided by the calculator may not correspond to your own offer.

How do I get a loan?

You can apply for a loan using the application form on the Remppalaina website. Read the requirements for customers and take out your payslips, bank statements and online banking ID. You will need this information when completing the application.

Fill out the application and forward it, you will receive a response practically immediately.

Can I get an interest-free loan?

The interest rate is the lender thanks for lending the money to you. Sometimes the market sees offers for an interest-free initial loan, but it’s usually just a campaign for new customers, not a permanent practice.


Remppalaina is a well-functioning loan tendering service. There are experienced operators in the background, and if, for example, applying for a loan or signing up for a Remppalain seem familiar to many customers, it is no wonder, as the elements of the site are familiar from other services of the background operators.

It is therefore a very reliable player, although one would like to see a little more transparency with regard to partners.

The pros and cons

Remppalaina offers the renovator good advice on financing the renovation. Like renovation contractors, loans are always worth bidding on. The loan service is based on a reliable domestic company with a lot of experience in the loan market, and the job is done smoothly.



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Quickly borrow from  Omalaina is a popular Finnish loan broker, through which you can apply for and tender for loans up to 60,000 euros. The loan can have a payment period of up to 20 years depending on the loan amount.

Your own loan acts as a loan intermediary, ie through the service you can easily tender for your loan application at several banks. This way you can find the right offer quickly and easily.

Read more about Omananan loans at this link. Below on this page, we tell you more about My Loan as a company and at the bottom of the page you can read other customers’ experiences of the service.

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As a private loan company – LVS Brokers Oy

The loan service is owned by a company called LVS Brokers Oy.

LVS Brokers Oy is a Finnish-owned company whose expertise includes brokering and comparing various financial products. The company has already served more than 500,000 customers.

The company has grown rapidly in recent years, and in 2018 the company’s turnover was approximately EUR 8.9 million.

In addition to loans, the company competes for electricity contracts, for example , through the popular Sähkö service.

In 2018, the company’s operations expanded to Poland, and according to its website, the company intends to expand its operations to at least the Nordic countries.

Questions about My Loan

What is the interest rate on the loan?

Your own loan is a loan broker, so you get the final offer for a loan from the banks. Typically, the interest rate on a loan is 4.19 to 20 percent, depending on the loan amount and the applicant’s finances.

Which banks are Omanan’s partners?

The own loan cooperates with more than 20 banks and financial institutions. Here is a picture of Omalanan’s current partners:

The own loan co-operates with numerous Finnish banks and financial institutions

Where can I see Omalaina’s customer service contact information?

You can see the updated contact information for Omalaina customer service below on this page or by clicking here .

Where can I read experiences about My Loan?

You can read about the experiences of My Loan at the bottom of this page. Join the discussion if you have any questions or have any experiences with the service.

Experiences from My Loan is familiar with Omalina’s operations and website.

In our experience, the service has worked well. Applying for a loan through your own loan is easy and the whole application process is clear. All information is clearly available and loan offers are easy to browse through OmaTil.

We have not become aware of any serious problems or deficiencies in the operation of the service. The only clear shortcoming is Omalanan’s customer service, which only serves email, but messages are still usually answered quickly.

We recommend Self-Loan to all loan applicants who want to tender their loan application.

Also read other customers’ experiences of the service at the bottom of this page before applying for a loan. If you have any questions or your own experiences with the service, you can participate in the discussion using the form below. has recently advertised prominently on television as well. This self-loan ad is certainly familiar to many:


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