9 Tips on Converting a Blog post into Video

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9 Tips on Converting a Blog post into Video


Video is the most consumed form of media on the internet. Lots of people go online to watch video nowadays. So, if your blog posts are not getting noticed, you may want to consider using the strategy of converting them into videos. These videos may get ranked on the search engine result and bring your blog more traffic. The following are 9 tips on how to convert your blog post into videos.

Read the Blog Post

First, you must spend time reading and understand the blog post. While reading the blog post, write down the key points. With the points you have compiled, you must prepare a short script. The most natural type of video to create for blog posts is the slideshow video. You can use the same blog post title for the video. For each slide, you can mention one point in 10 – 15 words in a single sentence. Each slide should only last for 4 seconds because viewers want to finish the video fast. They don’t have time to pause and read the information on the slide.

Use a Relevant Picture 

You can use pictures relevant to the blog post topic. For example, if your post is about how to get rid of mould on the wall, you can use a picture of a wall with extensive black mould growth as the background. You may not be able to take the actual photo with your camera. In this case, you can go to the online free image sites to find a picture of the mouldy wall and use it in your slideshow video. It is essential that you have permission to use the images.

Compile the Slideshow with a Video Editor 

After you have the script and images, you can compile them into a slideshow video with a video editor. Some video editors now have wizards to guide you in creating the slideshow. You can completely customise the video with transition effects, incorporate the written script, and add your brand. If you want your video to feature music, you can use royalty-free music.

It is most convenient for people who don’t want to record their music. You can combine videos you make on related blog posts into a single video with the video editor. In this way, your readers don’t have to click again and again to view videos on related topics. If you’d like to know how to combine videos, this article will help you.

Keep the Video Short

YouTube does not have any guideline on how long should a video be. However, from what everyone is saying in their blog posts, 60 seconds seems to be the optimal video length. The longer you can keep your user engaged, the more quality your video is, and the higher you can get ranked on the search engine result.

Upload Video to a Video Sharing Platform

When your video is done, you can upload it to your server. If your server has not enough space, you can upload it to YouTube and embed the video link on your blog post. In the description, you can let people know what the video content is about. In some social media platforms, you have the option to boost your video at an extra fee.

Outsource Slideshow Creation to a Freelancer

If you don’t want to compile the video yourself, you can hire a freelancer to create the slideshow. There are lots of places like SEO Clerk and Fiverr where you can find budget services on blog post video creation for cheap. The price will vary depending on the video quality. 

Use Online Video Creation Tool

If you want to save time, you can use an online blog post video creation tool. The tool will scan your blog post and grab the essential points to make the video. You can select what key point to include in the video. The wizard also lets you add images, background song, watermark, CTA and logo to your video.

Make a Real Video that Features Your Face

You can also make a more real video by featuring yourself in the video. For example, if a blog post is about reviewing a phone, you can make a video unboxing the phone and talking about its features. This type of video will encourage more interaction as the audience can see your face. At first, you will be shy, but you will find your confidence built up over time. At the same time, it will also build up your brand image among your customers.

Promote the Video

Once you have made the video, you must promote it so that it can have a lot of views, comments, likes, and shares. These are the metrics that will determine how well your video will rank on the search result. The key is to create a high-quality video that can drive user engagement.

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