Create a website in a weekend. Day 3: Strategize.


Create a website in a weekend. Day 3: Strategize.


Welcome back, hope you have your website almost ready to launch! Today, I will teach you all about monetizing your first website.

What’s your strategy?

This is it. You’re about to launch your first website. Isn’t this exciting?

On your first day, go ahead and get a new notepad. Or simply create a file on your computer that you’re going to use for preparation. As a starting point, ask yourself some questions and write down the answers:

Questions to ask yourself:

• What’s the primary purpose of your website? (Possible answers: to help others, to track your improvement, to discover your passions, to learn more about online business)

• Who will be your target audience? (Determine your demographics, maybe it’s mothers trying to work from home or young fashionistas exploring their personal style. Think about your purpose here, it will make it easier for you to define your audience)

• How much time you can dedicate to your online business? (are you in between jobs or fresh out of college? are you still studying or have a full-time job? think about your schedule and be realistic)

• How many times a week you’re going to work on your website? (you don’t have to create content daily. being consistent is more important, so even if you can post once a week- that’s absolutely fine!)

• Which social media outlets you’re going to conquer first? (maybe you already have a following on Instagram or Twitter? Embrace that!)

• Do you have any ideas of how you’re going to monetize your website? (you might think it’s a bit too early to think about this yet, but try to brainstorm just a couple ideas for now.)

• Write down as many ideas as you can on this step. Go on Pinterest or Instagram & look for the inspiration! Find a few brands to follow, don’t copy their work, but analyze their process. Research, research + research some more today. Then, make a cuppa and press on that launch button, you’re ready!

Want to talk? Have questions for me? Hit that reply button, I’m here to help!

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