Create a website in a weekend. Day 2: Design.


Create a website in a weekend. Day 2: Design.


Welcome back, friend! Today, I will teach you all about designing your first website.

Does it really matter?

So you have your website live & active now, but it’s not looking real pretty just yet, huh? Don’t miss this step as this is very important.

In this visual era, you must take care of your website’s design if you want to succeed online.

You have nothing to worry about! You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a great understanding of web design to make this happen.

Step 1: Choose Your WordPress Theme

To make things easier for you, I recommend these services because I want to help you design your new website in a day.

You can, of course, think about Custom Web Design if you want to create a professional, unique brand, but premade packages can really help you to get off the ground.

Getting a pre-made WordPress theme can save you loads & loads of time, so just go ahead & pick one →.

Installing your website theme is super easy & you always get step-by-step instructions in the theme package (or you can use free installation services and have a professional set it up for you).

Go ahead, upload the purchased theme and your layout will be done. You will now need to take care of your content.

Step 2: Start Working On Your Content.

You need to have some info ready before you launch. Here’s what you should definitely prepare:

• Your ‘ABOUT’ page (Create a static page & introduce yourself. Be professional, but don’t forget your personality too. Including some fun facts can be very useful too!

• Some pictures (including a headshot of yourself is crucial. you don’t need any fancy equipment, just get some natural light & use your phone. you can then edit your picture with my favourite VSCO app)

• Intro post (go ahead and publish your first post! include a little story on why you decided to start your blog & what people can expect from it)

• Contact page (you might not be expecting any sponsor opportunities just yet, but having a contact page on your blog is crucial. you never know who can stumble upon your blog!)

• Categories (it would be a very good idea to list some categories on your menu bar or sidebar, so your new readers can see what you plan blogging about, you can always edit these in the future)

• Social Media (go ahead and register on social media! my favourite platforms to use are: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon, Snapchat is also a great place to find new readers! you should make sure to include your links visible on your blog’s layout)

What a day! Your website is almost ready to launch! Let’s do this tomorrow!

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