Postcards From Italy


Postcards From Italy


We’ve just got back from our babymoon last week and I can’t tell you how much we’ve needed this!

Not sure how many of you had a chance to take a short vacay before the baby arrives, but if you’re currently expecting- do it! Book that ticket or at least plan to run away from the city with your partner for a couple of days.

I feel like we’ve been worrying a lot about this new patch in our lives. We’ve been trying to do it all- stay healthy, get enough sleep, make enough money, complete all the projects, prepare the apartment etc. & we almost forgot about each other in all of this mess.

Spending a few days away from our daily worries and being just the two of us 24/7 has put us back on the right track. We’ve finally got to share our fears and joys without any distractions & even though we still haven’t dug into those parenting books properly, I know we can do it & we ARE ready, no matter what

Did you get a chance to take a babymoon before a little one joining your family? Where did you go?

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