How To Plan Your Week Effectively & Finally Achieve What You’ve Been Dreaming Of + FREE Week Planner Printable


How To Plan Your Week Effectively & Finally Achieve What You’ve Been Dreaming Of + FREE Week Planner Printable


Are you unsure of how to plan your week effectively? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

when a new week approaches, you feel overwhelmed because you feel like you can not handle all of the tasks on your plate⁠

you see others managing their time at ease and you feel stressed and scared to bits to forget something very important you have to do⁠

you hustle through the week, but by the end of it, you feel frustrated because you didn’t feel like you’ve kept to your promises.⁠

First of all: take a deep breath and let your mind wander for a minute or two. This really helps.⁠

Second of all: let’s look at what can help you plan your week in a more effective way.

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#1 Plan Your Week Before It Actually Begins

Really, don’t leave this for Monday morning. Take some time on Sunday to really think about your week and what tasks you need to work on in order to have a productive week. Print-out my free printable by subscribing to my newsletter list below & use the first page to describe your week, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What you need to do in order to feel like this week was a success?
  2. What are those must-do tasks you can not forget about?
  3. What are some extra tasks that are important?
  4. How you’re going to take care of yourself and your growth this week?

#2 Plan Each Day Ahead

This is especially important if you run a couple of different businesses or have other responsibilities in your life.

Let’s say you have an important meeting happening on Tuesday which will leave you feeling exhausted. Make sure you plan to complete your admin work on Monday and plan some serious blocks for deep work on Wednesday, so you can catch up. This way you will be able to dedicate Tuesday for getting ready to nail that meeting as well as include some taking-care-of-yourself into your schedule after it is all over.

#3 Weekly Schedule Shouldn’t Be Only About Work

I know you want to feel productive, but the reality is you won’t feel this way until you find time to add some pleasures into your week.

Go ahead and include some of these things into your week’s plan:

  • An hour-long, full-body massage at a SPA
  • A date with your partner
  • Taking an online course or learning a new skill
  • Meeting with someone that inspires you or simply catching up with your loved ones
  • A chill evening when you’re allowed to do absolutely nothing

Whatever works for you! Just make sure your list is about YOU and your needs, not only about your tasks.

#4 Leave Room for Unplanned Times

Include an hour here and there where you do not set a strict task.

There might be a meeting that pops up and you want to have some gaps in your schedule, so the rest of the week doesn’t fall apart if you need to change your plans.

Are you ready to start planning your week more effectively?

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