25 Free MacBook Mockup Photoshop PSD Templates

25 Free MacBook Mockup Photoshop PSD Templates

By Paul Andrew

on Oct 21st, 2020

Presenting branding and website designs to clients comes with its own set of challenges. It would be pointless to develop a fully working website only to discover the client doesn’t like it.

That’s why designers use mockups. It’s a lot easier to edit a mockup than start coding a website from scratch. However, presenting a static website as is would be boring. You can spice up the way you present website designs (and complete brand designs) by using a computer mockup. This will make it easier for your clients to see how their website will look not only to them but also to their potential customers.

Luckily, there is no need to create a computer mockup from scratch. Thanks to numerous Macbook mockups, presenting your website or brand design has never been easier. Take a look at some of the best free Macbook computer mockups we’ve gathered in this roundup and add them to your resource library.

We’re sure you’ll find quite a few mockup templates that you can use in any future design project.

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MacBook Pro Mockup Template

This free MacBook Pro template mimics the MacBook template straight from the Apple’s website. It’s a great choice for anyone creating a web or graphic project for an electronics store.

Mac Pro & MacBook Pro Mockup 2019 Templates (PSD)

This template is a great choice for any web or branding project. The template includes an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro but you can easily choose to display only one of the devices.

Macbook 2019 Mockup on Envato Elements

If you want to showcase different elements of your design, consider this template. It comes with three MacBook mockups which can be edited via smart objects.

15 Scalable MacBook Pro Mockups (PSD)

This collection includes 15 scalable MacBook Pro designs. All the designs are vector shapes so they won’t lose any quality when you scale them. You can edit them easily thanks to smart objects.

Macbook Mockup Template (PSD)

This Macbook mockup is perfect for presenting web designs or even branding projects. The template can easily be edited through smart objects.

Macbook Scene Creator Mockup Templates (PSD)

If you want to present your project in style, it’s a good idea to create your own scene. This Macbook mockup allows you to do just that. It comes various elements such as books, plants, notebooks, and more.

Apple Macbook Mockup Collection on Envato Elements

Showcase your brand or web design projects on Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. The templates can be edited using smart objects and you can easily change the background colors, and more.

MacBook Pro Space Gray Mockup (PSD)

Whether you want to present a website design, a poster design or any other type of design, this template will come in handy. It features a space gray Macbook Pro that can easily be customized with smart objects.

Isometric MacBook & iPad Mockup (PSD)

If you want an isometric mockup, consider using this template. It features a Macbook and an iPad mockup. Both designs can be customized with your design through smart objects.

Macbook Pro Retina Mockup Template (PSD)

This mockup features a vintage design so it’s perfect for any retro and vintage design mockup. You can easily insert your design using smart objects.

MacBook Mockups on Envato Elements

This set of Macbook mockups contains 6 PSD files, each of which can be customized with your design using smart objects. The template features various Macbook designs as well as iPad and iPhone.

MacBook Air on Table Mockup Template (PSD)

This realistic mockup features a Macbook Air on a wooden table. The template is perfect for showcasing various branding projects and you can easily add your design using the smart object.

Macbook Pro 2018 Mockup Template (PSD)

This template can be used in Photoshop as well as in Sketch. It features a 2018 Macbook Pro on a table. Use it to showcase a website design or a branding project.

2019 Mac Pro Mockup Template (PSD)

This mockup template is a great way to showcase responsive designs. The template can be used for personal and commercial projects and edited via smart objects.

16 MacBook Air Mockup Templates (PSD)

If you’re looking for high-quality Macbook Air mockups, look no further than this bundle. It includes 16 different mockups which can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Front View iPhone X & Macbook Pro Mockup Templates (PSD)

This template is perfect for any designer looking for a simple and straightforward way to showcase their designs. The mockup can be customized via smart objects with your designs.

Photorealistic Vintage Macbook Mockup Templates (PSD)

This vintage mockup is a great choice for any vintage and retro design project. It features smart objects for easy editing and has a few different scenes to choose from.

MacBook Mockup 1.0 (on Envato Elements)

This creative mockup is sure to grab the attention of your clients. It features layered falling screens as well as a Macbook. The template is part of Envato Elements subscription.

Modern Macbook Pro Mockup Template (PSD)

Try this mockup if you’re looking for a minimalistic design. The template Twas created in Cinema 4D and can easily be edited with Photoshop. It’s free for both personal and commercial use.

MacBook Corporate Branding Mockup (PSD)

This mockup template is perfect for presenting branding projects. It includes a Macbook, a couple of notebooks, and a set of business cards.

Photorealistic Macbook Mockup Templates (PSD)

This mockup is a great choice if you’re looking for a photorealistic Macbook template. It features a Macbook in an office setting. You can easily insert your design via smart objects.

6 Macbook Mockup Templates on Envato Elements

Here , we have another set of various Macbook templates. You will get 6 PSD files, all of which have smart objects for easy editing. The set can be downloaded from Envato Elements.

New MacBook Pro Mockup Template (PSD)

This template features the newest Macbook Pro design that can be edited in Photoshop as well as in Sketch. The template can be used to showcase website designs more realistically and has smart objects for easy editing.

Realistic Space Grey Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Mockup (PSD)

This is another great photorealistic template that showcases a Macbook Pro with a touch bar. Use it to display your web design projects in a real-life situation.

Minimal MacBook Pro Mockup Templates (PSD)

Add a pop of color to your design presentation with these Macbook Pro templates. The mockups feature a minimal design with beautiful color accents and can be used in both commercial and personal projects.

Macbook Clay Mockup (on Envato Elements)

Here’s an interesting take on a Macbook mockup. The template was built with realistic clay models so that you can get the best shot for your design. It’s available as a part of your Envato Elements subscription.

MacBook Mockup Template (PSD)

This template features the newest Macbook mockup in three different color versions. You can use all three to present different parts of your design or use the one you prefer best.

These Macbook templates are perfect when you need to showcase website design as well as any software or branding projects. Not only are they easy to edit but they also save you a ton of time during your design process. Go through our collection and add them to your creative library today.

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