The 20 Best Photoshop Actions & Layer Styles for Creative Text Effects

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions & Layer Styles for Creative Text Effects

By Paul Andrew

on Nov 14th, 2020

Give your regular graphics an extra oomph with incredible typography! No matter if you’re designing a logo or branding materials, prepping a new marketing campaign, or simply want to create some art in Photoshop, typography can help you send the right message.

However, finding the perfect text effect is often tedious. You might even find yourself giving up and saying: “Eh, I did my best.” But before you give up, make sure you check out Photoshop actions. Awesome additions to your standard editing and designing kit, Photoshop actions help you repeatedly create the desired effects for image editing, and text in particular.

Today, we’re showing you the best Photoshop actions and layer styles for creative text effects. Let’s say you want to use (and reuse) vintage text effects to send the right message. Normally, you’d have to manually replicate your results with every new image. But with Photoshop actions, you can easily apply your favorite effects to all the images in your set. They’ll even give you a creative boost and stop you from wasting time on brainstorming and experimenting.

These Photoshop actions offer all kinds of creative text effects: Travel back in time with retro text effects that look amazing on covers, marketing materials, and more! Add more vibrancy to your standard graphics with colorful 3D texts. Create awesome, photo-realistic texts with liquid text effects. And more! It’s time to revive your typography!

More Actions: 3D Effects, Art Effects, B&W Effects, Bokeh Effects, Cinema & Movie Effects, Comic & Cartoon Effects, Duotone Effects, Dispersion Effects, Double Exposure Effects, Glitch Effects, HDR Effects, Ligh Leak Effects, Retro & Vintage Effects, or Sketch Effects.

3D Text Photoshop Action

Create gorgeous 3D typography with these 3D Text Photoshop actions. This pack includes plenty of options: 4 extrusion directions, 10 extrusion sizes, 30 shadow sizes, and 360 degrees lights and shadows to give you photo-realistic results for awesome logos, covers, and more. Give your 2D graphics a new 3D edge!

Sloppy Press Photoshop Typography Styles

Turn on the printing press with these gorgeous press Photoshop typography styles! You’ll get 33 typographic layer styles to give your standard typography a hand-printed effect. This collection includes actions, effects, styles, PNG textures, and brushes so it’s the full package for your next vintage-inspired project.

Jelly Text Effect Photosop Action

Create delicious jelly typography your audience will just want to eat up! These Photoshop actions give your typography a 3D jelly text effect in 5 colors. Use them with text and pixel layers, as well as vector shapes, smart objects, and folder groups. They’re perfect for fun projects!

Vibrant 3D Text Effects

Perfect for covers, banners, titles, and other key marketing materials, these vibrant 3D text effects are an excellent choice for giving your typography a little boost! You’ll get 8 different styles to work with as Photoshop actions, as well as 10 different mockups to use for beautiful results.

Liquid Tasty Photoshop Action Text Effects

So delicious, you want to snack on it through the screen! These liquid Photoshop action text effects give your typography a delectable charm. They mimic the effects of jelly, jam, honey, juice, and water. There’s plenty to work with to create creative texts for covers, banners, and more.

New 80s Text Effects for Photoshop

Travel back in time to the ‘80s with these vaporwave text effects for Photoshop. Bright and reflective, with creative waves, this retro futuristic Photoshop text effect action pack offers 10 unique compositions, as well as 10 PSD mockups you can work with to create cool texts in an instant.

80’s Retro Style Text Effects

Give your typography a cool neon charm with these retro style text effects. Rendered in the vaporwave, retro futuristic style seen in the 1980s, these text effects work perfectly for titles, posters, covers, banners, apparel, and more! This pack contains 10 different PSDs to give your standard typography more vibrancy.

Grass Text Effect Photoshop Action

Beautiful and natural, this Photoshop action helps you transform your standard typography into a creative grass text. You’ll get photo realistic grass actions in 4 styles: green, autumn, red, and tropic grass, as well as brushes and patterns. It’s perfect for nature and eco related projects.

Hologram Photoshop Text Effects

Cyberpunk 2020! These Photoshop text effects help you create awesome graphics with in the hologram style, and they work like a charm for covers, banners, titles, and more! You’ll get 8 different mockups and Photoshop styles to work with. This hologram effect stands out best on dark backgrounds.

80s Retro Text Effects vol.2

Punchy and bright, these retro text effects are perfect for your old-school cool projects! From flyers and posters, to opening sequences and logos, you can adapt them for a variety of purposes. You’ll get 10 different styles and PSD files to work with and create an incredible effect.

Glitch Effects for Photshop

Add a glitch to the matrix with these glitch text effects for Photoshop. You’ll get 10 different styles; from scan lines, to eerie VHS glitches. They look amazing on posters and graphics with cyberpunk and retro futuristic vibes. You can easily add your own text with smart objects.

Double Light Photoshop Text Effects

Colorful and bright, these are unique Photoshop text effects! You’ll get 9 vibrant shadow combinations in different, complementary colors to give your projects a fun and engaging vibe. You can also pick from 3 different sizes for every shadow to create the effect you’ve dreamed up.

Epic Text Effects for Photoshop

Defeat every dragon on your path with these epic fantasy text effects for Photoshop. You’ll create unique typography with fantasy-inspired effects that come in 8 different styles. They work as smart objects, so you can easily add your own text for covers, banners, flyers, cinematic titles, and more.

Mobile Game Photoshop Text Effects

Press play to start! These 10 Photoshop text effects were inspired by cartoon and fun styles seen in mobile games, and work perfectly for similar projects. Convey dynamism and entertainment through 10 different styles; from bright and punchy fantasy, to Pokemon-like effects. Get it done in seconds with smart objects!

Comics Photoshop Text Effects

Superheroes, or super-projects – both are equally cool after you use these Photoshop text effects mimicking the traditional and retro comic style. From effects inspired by Captain America sequences, to the Aquaman logo, you’ll get everything you need to create awesome logos, flyers, covers, and other similar materials!

Cyberpunk 80s Retro Text Effects

If you often work on projects that require retro-futuristic branding, you’ll love this Photoshop action pack! This cool pack contains effects such as: cyberpunk, vaporwave, glitch, the 80’s arcade, and more. With these 10 styles, you’ll have everything you need to create cool graphics.

Retro Colorful PSD Text Effects

Present your text in the right style: retro. These colorful and vibrant text effects give you everything you need to create unique and memorable cinematic sequences, logos, flyers, posters, and more. You’ll get 10 styles which work as smart objects, so you can easily add your own text.

Ember Effect Photoshop Action

Light a majestic fire in your audience’s hearts with these ember effect Photoshop actions. You can create phenomenal fire, lava, and magma effects for your epic projects. The best part? You can pick from 3 colors: red, blue, and green. You’ll also get brushes and patterns!

Memphis Style Photoshop Text Effects

Inspired by the 1980’s Memphis Group, these Photoshop text effects are perfect for making your message loud and clear. You’ll get 8 bright and colorful styles that work as smart objects. You can easily add your own text and get gorgeous results in a few seconds!

Vintage Photoshop Text Effects

Nothing is quite as charming as vintage. So the next time you’re working on a project with a vintage aesthetic, make sure you use these Photoshop text effects. From traditional vintage to retro styles, there’s plenty to pick from. Just replace placeholders with your own text.

Get the results you want with half the work! Forget about experimenting with layers and options to transform your images in the way you’ve originally set out to. And while you’re at it, you can free up some time in your daily planner.

With these 20 best Photoshop actions and layer styles for creative text effects, you’ll be done in a few minutes! We’ve taken the time to compile this collection and provide you with plenty of options for your current project, as well as your next projects.

These Photoshop actions are an excellent addition to your standard design kit and allow you to maximize the results you get from your graphics. No one can resist creative typography, so pick the perfect Photoshop text action, download it, and get to work. We promise you: your audience and your clients will love it!

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