15+ iPad Mockup PSD Templates for Photoshop

15+ iPad Mockup PSD Templates for Photoshop

By Paul Andrew

on Nov 7th, 2020

Just because your work is virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be phenomenal! If you’re developing apps, websites, or creating software that’s bound to change your customers’ lives forever, you know how tough it can be to visualize code and features.

Yes, you know that your product is amazing. But how can your customers tell? Especially when they’re not sure if they need your products in the first place.

Let’s be honest: humans are visual creatures. We process visual stimuli differently. A thousand-word case study won’t do as much as just a few pictures can. And because of that, we’re showing you 15+ amazing iPad mockups for Photoshop.

You can use these iPad mockups to showcase a variety of things; from software features, to website responsiveness, and even branding identity materials. No matter if you’re a developer, a business owner, or a graphic designer helping teams around the world show their customers what they’ve got, you’re going to love these mockups.

These iPad mockups help you create beautiful presentations in just a few minutes.

iPad Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

These iPad mockup templates are perfect for showcasing your website design on mobile, apps, and software! You’ll get 5 mockups photographed in different poses, offering you plenty of ways to elevate your next presentation. All you have to do is boot up Photoshop, and add your phenomenal designs!

iPad Pro Kit (Photoshop PSD)

A gorgeous and comprehensive iPad mockup kit, this set offers numerous ways to present your work, and delight your audience. You’ll get over 25 iPad mockups, and plenty of customization options: change the watch color, display screens, and more. This kit is perfect for website and presentation display!

Tablet Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Keep your designs in focus, choose this tablet mockup template for Photoshop. There are no distractions, so your design will be right where it belongs: in the spotlight. This template is perfect for web design presentations, as well as branding and software consultations. It wins over customers and business partners!

iPad on a Dark Colored Marble Table Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Atmospheric and elegant, this iPad mockup template for Photoshop fits innovative brands perfectly! Showcase your branding, your app, or your web design with this gorgeous mockup depicting an iPad on a marble table. It’s easy to customize, too! You can add your designs in just a few clicks.

iPad Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Perfect for evaluating user experience, this iPad Pro mockup template set helps you go the extra mile! You’ll get photo-realistic results with 5 PSD mockups, as well as different angles and lighting. With highly-customizable features, and poses featuring hands and iPads, these iPad mockups will delight your clients!

iPad Pro Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

High resolution for high-quality designs! Showcase your work with these iPad Pro 2020 mockups. They’re easy to edit in Photoshop, and you can really double-down on the brilliance of your design with these mockups. They’re perfect for web design, software development, and graphic design in general.

Hand Holding Tablet Mini Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Professionally photographed and well-placed into the perspective of a person holding a tablet in their hands, this tablet mockup template for Photoshop is a great choice for your next web design, branding, or app/software development presentation. Easily customize it in a few clicks in Photoshop to get beautiful, photo-realistic results!

Woman Using White iPad on the Floor Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

Perfect for showcasing the phenomenal user experience of your design, this iPad mockup template will help you wow your audience. Depicting a woman sitting down with an iPad in her hands, this mockup is really easy to customize in just a few clicks. Add your design, and highlight your skills!

iPad Mock-Ups (Photoshop PSD)

Gorgeous and atmospheric, these iPad mockup templates for Photoshop help your audience immerse themselves in your designs. Perfect for tech and design presentations for B2C audiences, these 5 mockups use professional photos that guarantee photo-realistic results. Showcase your work with these mockups which work perfectly for light and colorful designs!

iPad Pro Mockup Templates v1 (Photoshop PSD)

Photo-realistic and nicely positioned to suit B2B and formal audiences, these iPad Pro mockup templates are an excellent choice for your next UI design presentation. You can mix and match 7 different PSD scene templates, completely customize them in just a few clicks in Photoshop, and leave your audience breathless!

Tablet and Business Cards on Wooden Table Mockup 1 (Photoshop PSD)

Minimalist and clean, this tablet mockup for Photoshop offers more than meets the eye. In addition to the tablet, you’ll also be able to showcase your designs on business card mockups included in the set. This makes this iPad mockup template a perfect fit for branding identity projects.

iPad and iPhone Mock Up (Photoshop PSD)

Soft and feminine, these iPad and iPhone mockups for Photoshop are perfect for your next web design or visual identity project! With 3 different PSD files, different backgrounds (including flat lays with succulents), and plenty of customization options, this iPad and iPhone mockup set is a total dreamboat. Have fun!

Black iPad in Landscape Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

Simple and clean, this black iPad mockup template is perfect for highlight your designs and putting them in the spotlight. If you want to show the intricacies of your web, app, or software design, you’re going to love this black iPad mockup! It is easy to customize, too!

100 Apple idevices Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD)

You’ve never seen an Apple mockup set like this one! With over 190 devices, including iPad Pro mockups, as well as iPad Air and iPhone, you have plenty of options for showcasing the responsiveness of your design. You can also pick from 7 beautiful backgrounds offering photo-realistic results!

Four Different Apple Devices Mockup Template (Photoshop PSD)

A versatile collection of Apple devices, these mockup templates are perfect for showing how beautiful and responsive your designs are, no matter the device. Devices include: Mac PC, iPad, iPhone, and laptop. You can upload a different design for each, and toggle between 5 interesting backgrounds, or use your own.

Flexible iPad Mockup Templates: Detailed, Clean, Outline (Photoshop PSD)

Minimalist and perfect for highlighting the complexity of your design, these iPad mockup templates are a great choice for your next presentation. You can pick between 3 different devices, use the ones you like, or use all 3 mockups to give your clients an opportunity to select their favorite design.

Forget about telling – show your customers why they need your products! You can visualize everything with these iPad mockup templates for Photoshop!

From website design, to software features, and marketing materials to catch your audience’s attention, these mockups lend themselves to your unique vision. Boot up Photoshop, and add your own designs to these versatile mockups. It takes only a few minutes, and your audience will love it!

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