Outsourcing your personal business? Here are 3 things you should know.


Outsourcing your personal business? Here are 3 things you should know.


I have to admit, I’ve been making this mistake for way too long. Instead of learning to delegate my tasks, I’ve always assumed that I can do it all on my own.

In the last couple of years, I’ve shifted my attention to my second business. For those not aware, I own a sexual wellness e-commerce shop Nebegeda.lt. It’s been growing like crazy & the team we have built inspires me daily.

Now looking at the rapid success of Nebegeda I’ve learned to see my own flaws as a leader when it came to my own business. We’ve hired our first Nebegeda employee in about 6 months of launching our business. We weren’t able to pay salaries to ourselves back then, but we knew that expanding our team will get us where will need to be. We were so right.

To compare, for years the only people working on my blog & web design website were me & my partner, Tomas. We did have lots of fun at first. Being independent while also not having anyone to manage can be great.

However, not having other team members also means we were the ones working 24/7.

Since launching a second business as well as welcoming a newborn into our lives we knew we had to make some changes.

I’m not gonna pretend it happened instantly. Not at all. We had some failures in hiring others. We lost our hope, we gave up for a year or so only to come back to this idea recently.

In the last few months, we’ve hired three people to join our team. They all do freelance work, but hopefully, by the end of the year, we can get a VA (or two, I’m on fire!) to work with us full-time.

Now the only thing that keeps crossing my mind these days is:

What did it take us this long?

Seriously, I now look back & think about how much time & nerves we could have saved.

I hate living in doubt, of course, I know that we had to get here at our own phase, but if you’re reading this & you’re currently considering hiring someone to help you with your business – DO IT.

To save you some time & help you make this process a bit easier, let me share 3 things I’ve learned along the way.

#1 Determine What To Outsource

Go ahead and list all of your weekly tasks you’re completing for your business thrive.

Now look at it realistically. Which tasks you must do yourself & which tasks can you delegate to others.

Think about the tasks that take most of your time & tasks that are least enjoyable. Getting rid of those will leave space in the calendar for you to focus on the bigger picture and working on things that will actually help your business scale.

#2 Give it a go

I know you might get different tips elsewhere, but I’m all about taking initiative. Gary Vee might sound harsh sometimes, but in one of his podcasts I heard about his idea about ‘hire fast, fire faster’. Perhaps it does not sound very welcoming, but the reality is – you will never now if someone is the right fit until you actually start working together.

Of course, the general feeling of understanding each other is a must, but you’re not looking for friendships here. Hire someone according to how quickly & efficiently they are able to respond to your requests or complete the test task you delegate.

I personally used UpWork for hiring and here are a few things I loved about them:

  • you’re able to see the reviews & how long the person has been freelancing on the platform;
  • you guarantee your money won’t go to waste as UpWork secures the amount agreed on the work until you’re satisfied;
  • it’s quick & easy to find people all over the world + they have some awesome tools to track projects;

#3 Learn to let go

Now, this might be a tough one… Even if you’ve decided to invite someone to your team, you might have a hard time actually letting go & allowing them to do the work for you.

By constantly getting involved in each part of your business, you’re stopping yourself from growth.

You see, as your company continues to grow, more than anything, it needs a leader that knows how to give autonomy to different team members who can lead your company more effectively in each area. To put it short, it needs a leader who can let go of needing to do it all.

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