Being Present With Your Business. How To Stay Mindful About What You Do Daily.


Being Present With Your Business. How To Stay Mindful About What You Do Daily.


Just as in anything in life, you have to be mindful about what happens in your business. It’s easy to get lost in between all of the little and not so little things you have to do when running a business. Here are a few ways you can stay present with your business:


The easiest way to incorporate mindfulness into your life is to find a way to connect to it on a daily basis. Simply dedicate some time each day to really see what you’re working on. Morning pages really help to do this, but you can also set your alarm clock as a reminder to check in with your inner self throughout the day. Just take a minute off and look at your work from the outside. Are you happy with what you’re working on? Do people around you make you feel safe and appreciated? What’s bothering you? Really ask yourself if you’re working on the right things. Not only this will make you feel more present, but it will also improve your overall productivity.

Slow Down

Many of us rarely allow ourselves to slow down when it comes to running a business. However, during the slow periods is when I feel like I get most of my creativity from. A real hustle is needed sometimes, but when it comes to brainstorming new ideas or re-charging before a new season, it is important to have some slow days and focus on yourself and your needs. Don’t be a afraid to take a break, it can really take your mindset to the next level and actually improve your business.

Spend Time Learning Something New

Learning new things can really make you feel alive. If you aim to feel like you’re living in the moment, it is important to experience new things constantly. Staying where you are right now might feel comfortable, but it is easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and that will drive you mad sooner or later. Trust me, I’m telling you this from my own experience. Just because I really care about you, I challenge you to go ahead and learn something you didn’t know before. You can follow our blogging tips to spend a day learning new skills for example or just grab a new book. Your to-do list can wait, learning should always be your top priority.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

There is a myth that multitasking make us more productive. In reality, it can only drain us faster. I’m not sure where this proudness in “omg, I have so much stuff to do in a day” comes from, but from working on various businesses for the last six years, I have learned that focussing on one thing at a time is the real way to success. Trust me, by doing less you will actually end up accomplishing more with ease. This way you’ll be able to truly enjoy running your business rather than feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.

Remember To Be Grateful

I feel like this is an issue most of the entrepreneurs deal with. Whatever we do- there’s always someone doing better than us. These thoughts can kill our dreams & our confidence. That’s why it is important to stop. It’s depressing. Instead, we should start focusing on the things that we have already improved through our hard work & devotion. We should all learn to be grateful for our achievements so far, it’s so powerful. Dedicate time each week/month or quarter to list things you feel grateful for within your business. Does your business allow you to pay your bills? Do you get to hang out with inspiring people because of your work? Or did you just sign up to work with a new client? Spend some time appreciating your achievements, write them down or pour yourself a glass of champagne to celebrate. You deserve it!

Let me know if this post has inspired you to seek more mindfulness within your business!

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