What To Do When You Feel Burned-Out With Your Business


What To Do When You Feel Burned-Out With Your Business


I get it- that feeling overwhelmed and stuck within your business comes to even the best of us. Don’t let your head down, you’ve got this!

Connect With Other People In The Field

Getting to really connect with people interested in your work will definitely put you right back on track and help you remember why you’ve chosen to blog in the first place. Go to your social media accounts & make sure to send a message to everyone that recently commented on your Instagram post. Feel free to thank them for their support and offer your help or expertise. Sometimes giving can cure all of our sores!

Improve Your Online Presence

If you’re running a blog for a while now you’ll probably know that there’s always something you can do to take your blog to the next level. If you don’t feel like blogging right now- perhaps try focussing on other areas in order to keep yourself going until your motivation comes back.

Here are some tasks you can complete today to work on your blog without actually creating new content:

• improve your blog’s design
• learn to monetise your blog by taking these online courses
• learn to edit your pictures using presets
• learn to create Pinterest graphics using Photoshop
• join our Free 7-day Course: Design Your Own Blog

Seriously, there’s nothing quite like the change that puts you right back into that hustling mood!

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Stop feeling down and make things happen instead, make changes, work towards becoming the best version of yourself! Seriously, go ahead and live your life to the fullest. Risk, fall in love, travel, lose all your money, learn, grow, earn, come back to where you’ve started, but don’t settle for things that do not make you happy. Trust me, blogging about the life that gives you goosebumps is 1000x times easier than trying to find the content that keeps you bored!

Remind Yourself WHY You’ve Started In The First Place

If you want to feel satisfaction from your blog, you have to know why you’re doing this in the first place. Money, freebies or fame aren’t the right reasons tho.

Think of how your knowledge could improve people’s lives for the better. Be open, share your insights and the rewards will be astonishing.

By determining your purpose, you will get all of that passion back straight away. Trust me on this.

Find People That Inspire You

Anytime I feel a bit down, I love getting inspired by other creators. There’s no better motivation than seeing other people, just like you, absolutely winning their game online. Thus, if you really want to get motivated go ahead and check out:

• My 5 Current Blogger-Crushes

• These awesome podcasts

• These inspirational audiobooks for boosting your self-esteem

• listen to these TED talks

Once again, just take a deep breath and understand that this feeling is completely normal. If anything, your next big break is just around the corner, so don’t give up yet!

Let me know if you’re currently feel a bit stuck in your business, I’d love to chat!

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